Hey Readers,

Sorry for the lack of strip this week but Shockley’s been in and out of false labor, and well Pregnancy over comic 😛 Though she’s still packing as the little one has thus far refused to evacuate.. There will be a comic this Saturday, so no fretting. On the MORE news front. Look for me (Jim) in the new TED 2 that is in theaters now, you’ll find him looking a lot like the picture above but in a white shirt and not a red one. Big tall bright yellow and sporting a purple pimp hat he’ll be hard to miss in the “New York Comicon” Scenes with Ted and Mark Walberg. I hope to hear sighting of the elusive cheetah, as it’s already been confirmed he’s in a few scenes 😛

Look forward to seeing you all in streams, as well as next week.
Till then,
~Cheetah out