Welcome back readers, Havn’t seen some of you in a while, but now you all have very good reason to be here, especially those of you wanting to learn more about our lovely Doyle family. Chapter 6 “Meet the Doyles” Starts today. As such the artwork by Jim Hardiman also starts today. Would really love some feedback in the FORUM if you guys can, and I’m sure comments on the strip’s blog will be super appropriated by Jim and I as well. There’s a lot in store in this chapter, even an introduction of a new main story character, and a new supporting character.

Manila’s reminiscing a lot about years gone by, but rest assured there is plenty of time and fun to come. Stay tuned and stick with us, it’s definitely gonna be a fun ride.

I’d also like to give a big thanks to Missmab for being super awesome in helping Jim and I with the scripting. I’m sure most of you would love her comic as well if you haven’t yet checked it out.

~Cheetah out