Hi Readers,

So we end Chapter 9 , with lots of little things to consider, the Mysterious bunny, his ability to spring into action quickly to aide Sari and survive. We’ve met more of Josie’s family, we can see Fred and Jim have a little bit of silliness between them.  We’ve ventured further with Jessi and be sure you’ll see more of our little mouse. All in all it’s been a fun chapter to work through. Lots of stuff to look forward to, but with the exception of the upcoming Bella portfolio this is where we will be saying bye to James Hardiman, it’s been a pleasure working with him for these past 2 years, and I’m sure our friendship will continue on as it has in the past. I look forward to introducing you to out new artist for the upcoming chapters, and there may even be a few “Bonus Arc’s” from someone who’s already been involved. Lots to look forward to. So I’ll see you all next week (maybe … as I’ll be in Peru, and I dunno if I’ll have next weeks strip just yet.. though it’s more than likely.)  See you then!

~Cheetah out