Hey Readers,

*quick note if you watch us on FA we have out halloween YCH up now at http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14888180/ *

We’re back from out 8 days of shooting in LA, lots to tell you about when the time is proper , but till there, we’re back with our normally scheduled comic :3 . Looks like Locklear may be asking for the shops help, what do you all think? Should they help? Poor Jayson he just can’t win. We put up tier 6 last night for your enjoyment, if you look to the left you’ll also see it’s full sized counterpart in the column πŸ˜› . Thanks for all of your support, I hope the continuing little side story is fun as well!

Locklear (c) Locklearaoi

Till next week
~Cheetah out