Hey Readers,

Hey Hey! So in celebration of the soon to be released Grin n Bear it Portfolio, and Also a Celebration of just everyone’s favorite Farm pup, we have made up two new Pins that are available now at our physical item square store at tjaprod.square.store Take a look at them down under the comic and ask now!

Seems Svetlana’s hard at work on Sky’s costumes, one who never think Cam was into angels or anything NOOOOO…. Course… Looks like Lana won’t settle for anything less than spectacular for Sky… Hope Cam’s on his A Game.

This weeks ask the cast by Xaraphiel — For Bella. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Looks like Bella would want more in the chest, though looks like the a couple main males (at least soon to be) seems to think otherwise. I think she looks great IBTC!

Till next week,
~Cheetah out