Hey Readers,

Figured this would be a fun point to switch back to our group of pervy shenanigans for a little bit. You all are making Xara’s player blush šŸ˜› It’s fun keep doing it šŸ™‚ . It’s nice to get to work with Bella for a bit.

This weeks ask the cast (animated on discord, patreon,fa, and IB) comes from – Archon ā€” To Jim is there any tension with the ghost upstairs still, sexual or otherwise, now that there’s someone living up there that can mostly handle the ghost?

On a side note, we could really use your support on patreon , every little bit helps. We try to post the strip up early, you get high res copies of the ask even at the starter tier! I’d say “Plus discord access” but it’s most discord title, our discord is free, and We’d love to have you all be part of it, I do some fun contests, giveaway, and just some fun side chatter. You can find a link to our discord and patreon at the top of the comic page!

See you all next week,
~Cheetah out