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As we end chapter 20 with a return home for Jim, looks like Josie had her own fun while Jim was away at work. Guessin Melody will have quite the story to hear as they spend the rest of the night together. Thanks for your support and readership all, see you next week, same cat time, same cat channel… done forget to check out the CnC XXXmas YCH party auction going on till this same time next week!

This weeks Ask the Cast by KatneySK — What’s your favorite music to set a romanic/frisky mood? Katney let me pick who, and we go to our Lovely Cupcake Otter Pamuya, who seems to be a closet deathmetal fan… Hey don’t knock it till ya try it

Incase you’re wondering what Dethklok she’s jamming to – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpvEdM0EC-A

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