Hey all,

As Darren finds Jessi’s tablet and the paused Jim and Scarlet video suddenly comes back to life, the get the feeling the two boys have possibly been left out of something much bigger.

This weeks ask the cast (something very special I’ve wanted to do for a while) : Gibson asked “Halloween is upon us, who’s dressing up?”
Answer “We go back 10 years from current strip time. All 3 moms helping get the group of kids ready to go out trick or treating. A very rare appearance of Jim’s mom as a sexy witch, as she finishes buttoning up Josie’s oldest brother Allen’s paired up costume with Jim’s. Curt as always tinkering to make HIS costume all teched out and as functional as possible… Bella looking over his proton pack, maybe for a place to hide the plans? A vampire Josie! A Sexy Morticia Manila, and a Cheetah Cheetara made of solid cuteness that is Sari. And the Bride of Frednstein , Joyce the ever spooky mommma..

Till next week,
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