Hey Readers,

Been a while since we’ve seen Josie’s parents eh? Well same with Josie, finally getting the time to take her mom out to lunch. Also would like to welcome back Oinkers our piggy server, It’s been a while since Bella and Grants date oh so long ago, He also appeared when Alexia and Roger went out.. Thank you all for your support, comments, and interaction on discord and twitter. It’s always nice to hear from you all, though it all seems less and less lately 😛 Miss you all.

Not so much a question this week as that slot remains open. But a silly discussion that happened on our Discord Serber about Sari sort of Pimping Darren (though the entire ordeal was his idea. 😛 ) So IP decided it’d be funny to draw up Sarina in her full on “A Pimp named Spotty Back” for you all..

Till next week,
~Cheetah out