Hey Readers,

We’re down to the penultimate page of the “Operation P.R.O.M.” Chapter. Anyone wondering if Salem will survive the night with the feeling in his legs? Looks like Felicity has fond memories of the last day or so, here’s hoping it only gets better for her from her. It’s been a pleasure being part of these characters Canon arcs. I do hope we get to have them in CnC more in the future. I know this chapter has run long and hard, 3 1/2 years 😛 But it’s told way more stories than just Sarina’s prom. We’ve met quite a few characters, and learned so much more about many who are already part of Cats n’ Cameras long history. During this long run we’ve also adopted a few characters as permanent placements in the strip. Thank you all for sticking with us through it all. I know I’ve gain and lost some readers over this long journey. I know I likely owe a few cameo’s to people who paid nearly 4 years ago. But overall I’d say it was a fun one. I look forward to starting the next one!

As for this weeks “Ask the Cast” it comes from Tenk and is “What is your most interesting dress?” I decided to pose this one to Josephine as she does have a hobby that has yet to be explored in the comic directly of Cosplay. Those of you with the original Josephine Portfolio may remember a few extra’s of her in cosplay! Martian Queen, Krystal Fox, and Raven to name a few. This time around she’s in one of her most favorite costumes. Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet! We’re very much considering doing a fun little Cosplay portfolio with the cast, where you the reader get to vote on whats included in the release. If that something that interests you please let us know in the comments below!

Till next week,
~Cheetah out