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Looks like Crypt didn’t really keep her previous actions all that well hidden did she? But at least our friends Carl and Amanda haven’t suffered the same fate as our lovely sphinx. I know I’ve missed other cameos, Or atleast I feel I have. Please do contact me directly if I’ve missed yours, and we’ll work it out for the next chapter, as I really do need to start wrapping up this one. If you haven’t checked it out, we have a store at gumroad.com/catsncameras which also contains our newest portfolio “Felicity’s After Party” Available for pre-order , if we can make this one successful, that means our next official portfolio will be “Grin and Bear it” with Jim and Lana. I know you’re all quite looking forward to that, and atleast now with Iron Potato I’ll be able to work it into the story of the comic a lot easier that it just “HAPPENING!” thank you all for you support!
Cameos Of Carl Foxmarten, Amanda , Kevin, Kiša , and Sayuri (c) their respective owners!

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