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Lets start with the Rabbit in the room, if you’ve been paying attention to some of Sari and Darren’s dialog over this chapter, you’ll find that this entire ruse, the whole Darren and Goldie thing, is Darren’s idea. He’s not being forced into this situation, and has indeed, sort of orchestrated the entire thing. If he’s acting coy, it’s because he wants to. Over and over it’s been insinuated that he’s actually the driving force behind all of this. So please chill with the whole “They’re forcing this on him” or “How dare Sarina allow such a thing!” She’s only playing her part in what was already discussed between then (ref : ” https://catsncameras.com/cnc/comic/447-play-the-part ” ) . I can promise you, should someone truly try to hurt someone she loved. The claws would bare, and blood would spill. So now back to the sexy hijinks!

Huge thank you to all of you on Patreon. Kinda hoping a couple more of you would hop onto the sketch tier, just cause it’s fun to do them, but hopefully you all enjoy this months question to Sarina!

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