Hey Readers,

Looks like Josie is trying to coin off some of Jim’s sexual advances before they even happen. What’s her prodigy bunneh suppose to do, she sure doesn’t seem put off by the face. Thanks for all of your support here and on patreon, sadly we have a solid 200 before the next fund raiser picture. Did I just pick a bad subject, or is it really just cause it’s for me and not the artist, slightly confused.. dunno what to say.. but still thanks to everyone who’s gotten us to where we are! Was nice seeing you all at MFM, You all kill me though, I get so many “I read this every week!” any yet… heh, we get like 1 comment.. 🙁 Love you all, and I know it’s my story, but I really do love hearing from you all.

Till next week,
~Cheetah out