Hey Readers,

Quick start here, Page 4 of the Manila and Anthony fund raiser is posted in the bottom right column below the strip, be sure to check that out. Thank you all so much for the donations!

I think MonkeyCheese drew Jill absolutely adorable.. Looks like Sarina might know even more than most folks about what’s going on. Sarina tends to hide a lot of what she knows, feels, or otherwise thinks behind a fairly defensive bubbly exterior. In the end having fairly high grades, near perfect attendance and more, you’d never know. If she could blend it she would. Nature has made that nearly impossible for her, so on comes the bubbly personality. Well that… and a Ninja… Ahh the things she and Jill could talk about would fill a novel. Good things I’m a terrible writer 😛

Till next week,
~Cheetah out