Hey All,

So I need to start this off asking for a bit of assistance. We basically make enough on Patreon to pay for the comic each week. Our largest donor has to take a leave of absence for a while, which means we will soon desperately need to start making up the large sum of $250 that he covered each month to help containing to pay for the strip each week. All I ask is a bit of a shout out, I’d rather have more people read, and donate a small amount than someone donate a large amount and have that burden on the shoulders. I really do enjoy bringing the comic to you all each week, and I hope you all enjoy reading it. I’ve got so much planned, so many stories, mostly starting with a fairly heft jump in time once the prom chapter is over. Every bit of assistance helps, thanks in advance.

So it looks like our shop/auto teacher has decided he’ll be adjusting the mood level of the prom. Jessi doesn’t seem to care, it’s not like she’s really enjoying herself. Speaking of enjoying themselves. Goldie’s BF Chris is just barely coming out of his shell with sunstantial prodding via Sarina’s never say die attitude. Man what did they feed that mouse man, he’s huge! 😛

Till next week,
~Cheetah out