Hey Readers,

This Jim and Crypt stuff will be a fun little side then for a bit.. Probably won’t even Skin-o-max it on you, so some strips with be insanely NSFW! We’re 50% of the way to the next Anthony and Manila picture for our fund raiser that goes to help me desperately fix the transmission in my truck and to help support Shockley (out wonderful previous strip artist) in her move to her new home in a house that’s finally theirs!! I do hope you enjoy this fun little Jim and Crypt bit of fun, I’ll be working in some of our last Cameo’s soon as well as I few from before I don’t think I gave enough attention to when I did their cameos. There is JUST SO DAMN MUCH I want to do once this chapter is over.. Time will pass by a bit quickly once it is. Prom is sort of a big send off to the old times of the comic. I really want to get to some of the stories I’ve had sitting around for FAR too long collecting dust that need to be told, ALSO I want to touch back on Alexia and Roger real quick too 😛 Everyone loves a Horse of course of course!!

Still desperately needing all your help on that fundraiser,
~Cheetah out