Hey Readers,

First off let me that the couple of you who sent a few donations via the THTSH stuff.. I know it’s not to tier 2 but I’ve gone ahead and updated it to show tier 2’s picture and added the full resolution picture to the list below. We’ve been losing a few of you from Patreon, I still thank the few of you who do support us and a big thanks to Pamuya’s player Rasha for sticking in the highest tier so long, I never expected you to do so, you’re a great guy. I’ve been going through hell since the end of January when our merchant Account provider of 13 years decided to go balls up, and basically left me scrambling with 9 days notice to get a new one. TJA’s store is still closed till I can rework it with a new cart that supports our new “HIGH RISK” Merchant account… And the paysite that was basically supporting all of the sites on this server lost 150 subscribers in a months period which basically was all of my percentage YAY! So I’m deeply in the hole and watching the CC bills just slowly accumulate. So do forgive me if I’m a little spaced as of late. The CnC Patreon is enough to keep Paying Monkey Cheese , and the TJA/Pal Patreon is just short of paying the server bills each month, so I don’t see either of these going away. Thank you all for the support you have provided and the readership and comments you’ve given me for so long… Anyway.. Rant over back to the story!

Looks like Pam is saving some time and thought process on Jim’s part, I doubt the Eepcat minds at all. I’m sure him knowing she’s all crazy magical up there may change his attitude a little bit, But he’s a Cat of his word… which he hasn’t given yet.. But yeah… I doubt he’d want to get zapped again!

See you all next week,
~Cheetah out