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    Looks like Josie is really enjoying her time as the dominant partner 🙂  Pretty sure Melody is enjoying herself too.   We also have Josie riding a Sybian Vibrator that Jim thinks can be a business expense , I dunno maybe.   See the High Res questions with the $1 tier, see the high res comic EARLY each week for the $5 tier and ask the cast your own questions for the $25 tier on our Patreon, every little bit helps!  Only 1 question spot currently available out of the 4 and 1 of 2 spots available for Cameos 😛  Thanks SO MUCH for your support and readership , regardless if you’re part of the Patreon part, it’s a pleasure bringing this to you each week. Only 1 more week left of Melody and Josie, then we kick into the next chapter!  See you all there!

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