Hey Readers,

Well Aunum finished this one up in the dark with her power off after the hurricane slammed us here in Jacksonville Fl, but I still think it turned out epic. Sadly as much as our power stayed on here, an uprooted tree has totaled my truck, complete V as it landed dead smack in middle of the bed across the cab.. Sigh.. Anyway.. TJA/CnC/Pal and all of that seems to be up and un harmed at our Data center so yay.   Also it may be a bit late, but Uni’s next “Patreon Question” level is posted beneith the comic, we still have 3 of those tiers available if you want to help support us through this oh so lovely Hurricane rebuilding we’ll have to do.. Also there’s a Cameo slot open as well.   So yeah, turns out Sharron may be a bit of a neat freak. Not super happy with paw prints on her counter. I guess Jim’s SAD SAD SAD Kitty face got him a pickle… too bad he doesn’t like pickles LOL!…   Thanks again for all your support and well wishes…

Till next week,
~Cheetah out