Hey Readers,

Coming to the end of this chapter, and I’m glad you’ve all enjoyed the ride (Scarlet Included) thus far. We have 1 more week of this chapter, and then Mr. Mackey will be introducing some of his comic characters into the CnC Universe. There’s quite the intriguing list to be added in, starting with who’s in the limo pulling up in front of “Cats n Cameras” now. A HUUUGE thanks to Jive Guru for a fun chapter to have Scar and Jim involved in, initially the story didn’t have Josie, but I had mentioned a few years back when we dev’d it that Jim wouldn’t act on an impulse like that without Josie there, if at all. There is A LOT in store for the up coming weeks, and I hope the addition to the storyline’s help keep the comic fresh. Don’t you worry we’ll be back to the original cast in a month or so, if not having them partially involved with the “complex life” cast that’ll be joining in during their introductions.   We have less than a week before Mephit Fur Meet, and I look forward to meeting all of our readers who’ll be attending that con here over the next weekend!  See you all there!

Till next time,
~Cheetah out