**NOTE:  Scarlet THTSH Bonus Picture posted at the bottom fundraisers section in the right column!  **

Hey Readers,

Looks like Scarlet is a little spent after her main course, doesn’t look like the spotty eep cat is though, and he’s looking for his deserts. Seems like our lovely squirrel girl might have bitten on more than she can chew.

Also if you guys take a peak at the comic page’s left Column you’ll see a nice cheap fun way of supporting CnC and showing off some cool Sari Tail swish on what ever you deem fit. Right now they’re available in White, Black, Metallic Gold, and Red,  but I can take special requests if there’s something you’re looking for specific and I have that color vinyl available! Thanks for lookin!

Till next week,
~Cheetah out