“The 80s called and wants Alexia’s hair back. Ha. Funny.
Actually, I am feeling considerably better versus how I was feeling last week; still not quite 100%, but I’m getting there. I realise I messed up a few things really badly artwise, but on the otherhand I’m pretty happy with how most of this strip came out, panel 2 especially.

Random fact: Alexia’s grandparents on her mother’s side own the ranch she mentions.

Thanks for all the comments folks, and the discussions in the FORUM are totally fun to read (I should really respond to some of them though, heh, whoops)… the Sarina portfolio is coming along steadily, not quite as quickly as I’d like, but I’m determined to get it done sooner than later…. also, I really need to finish up some commissions before Anthrocon too, arrgh. See y’all next Caturday, as this silly saga continues! ~V.Kyrie ”

Hey Peoples, Cheetah here, just reminding you that we appriciate all the comments on the comic, and especially everyone who’s made it a point to discuss with everyone in the forums It’s nice to be able to answer your questions. If you haven’t checked it out, now would be a good time… see you all next week. ~Cheetah