Hey Readers,

Looks like since Jim scored the lowest you got to drag back pretty much everything from the park! Also seems that Bella may need to work on her “getting people excited” skill a bit. Those of you who’ve gotten you to Skylar don’t fret, next week we’ll see a bunch more of her, but I asked Katney (her player) if she’d like a permanent reoccurring part in CnC and she said yes, so you will likely be seeing our lovely model feline again from time to time, and who knows how much OF HER lol..

Sari is just $30 away from losing her top, and if we can reach our $500 goal Mackey will be doing a bonus full color picture of Sari’s mad stripper poll skills for everyone to see , we’ll likely offer it up as a background for you all too!

Waiting on word Monday if Mackey and I will be able to attend Furry Weekend Atlanta at the end of this month, I’ll keep you all informed!

Till next week (or out many many streams)!
~Cheetah out