Hey Readers!

We’re back , thanks for the birthday wishes all last week. This is the 2nd to last page of chapter 10.5 . In 2 week time we’ll be starting Chapter 11, featuring Skylar KatneySK’s blond haired feline who doesn’t quite know what she might have gotten into.

As for this week, I think we can all surmise that Jim needs to stop watching so many movies, good thing he’s not on a Micheal Bay kick, then it’d just be all explosions WOO BAYSPLOSIONS! He’s also thoroughly confused out lovely bear seamstress.

And lastly, seems out 3D printer company has come through VERY LAST SECOND and We’ll be premiering the Josie PG and R rated statues at this up coming MFM convention in Olive Branch Mississippi this Labor Day weekend. I’ll do my best to post some finished painted and unpainted shots ASAP. If you haven’t seen them check out the renders on our facebook page facebook.com/catsncameras , drop us a like to if you’re on there!!

See you all next week.
~Cheetah out