Hey Readers,

Looks like Jim’s first time meeting Grigori isn’t exactly going spectacular is it?  Hopefully that doesn’t put him TOO far onto his bad side.  Also thank you all so much for already pushing us within $40 of the next tier on Patreon , it was greatly unexpected and a huge boost to morale to say the least! If you hadn’t checked it out yet, We post the high resolution copies of the strip, as well as additional artwork, and different tiers get to vote on the next story lines as well as ask the characters a question that will get answered with a sketch from Shockley! There are also tiers for cameos and a commission tier, but those two levels are sold out for this (next) month.  Thanks again you guys! Can’t wait to bring you awesome artwork each month once we reach the next tier!

Till next time!
~Cheetah out