Hello Readers, Chapter 17 Cameo’s are available and as this is going to be a RATHER LARGE and active chapter there are a multitude for you to choose from. If you decide to pick a role please send your refs (if we’ve not already used your character in the past) to questions@catsncameras.com along with your paypal address so we can cross reference it.  I’ll try and keep the available spots updated but below is how it’ll start as soon as this page is visible.

Available slots and prices (I’ll do my best to keep this up to date)

Teacher (Large Role) – 0 of 5 Remain $50 Sold out!

Student (Large Role ) – 2 of 10 remain $50

Teacher (Small Role ) – 2 of 4 remain $25

Student (Small Role ) – 8 of 10 remain $25

Background Cameo – 20 of 20 remain $10


Cameo Type