Trying out a new font which I’m hoping will be easier to read than the previous one I’ve been using. What does everyone think? Better? Worse? Weird?
So far my attempt at a buffer has been less than stellar, and I think I’m getting burnt out over it… BUT… I will persevere, and what does not kill my soul will kill my wrist…I mean, make me bitter…I mean stronger. Yeah. Stronger. : 3

*shakes fist defiantly*A buffer shall yet be mine! And when it is achieved, Missmab owes me a sit down meal at Milano’s. MILANO’S!

See y’all next Caturday for more CnC.: 3

Yes, I will testify to Cafe Milano being one of the best sandwich shops within any decent range of Anthrocon in Pittsburgh… if your in the city, go to 6th street by the convention center.. cause it’s the best you’ll get hands down ~cheetah