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      Looks like Grant will survive to hoon it up another day! Though Bella dropping a few subtle perverted comments never hurts the curiosity does it? So on top of that Aunum did draw up Tier 9 of the Joyce/Fred THTSH and I will be putting up a poll in the next few days, I’ll announce it on Twitter , Facebook, FA, and IB and just keep a watch out over the comic here as well.   SO Since Pam’s intro Chapter is drawing to a close over the rest of this year, January will begin an epic quest to “OPERATION PROM!”  Yes I stole the title from Venture Brothers.  It’s Kape Kahn’s Senior Prom, and all the shenanigans that come with it.  As I had posted earlier in FB/IB and FA we’re having an all call for Cameo’s from the previous “Bunny vs. Jock” Chapter you will have priority in the spots needed for Cameo’s I’ll do my best to offer really inexpensive ones and one or two more involved ones, maybe even a handful of free Background slots for you great Readers!    Below us what was posted to the other sites:

“I know a lot of you that had Cameo’d in the “Bunny vs. Jock” Chapter may possibly read this, SOOO the CnC Chapter that immediately follows this current chapter will be VERY school related…. read “PROM” So if you where a teacher or student, or WANT to be, now is your chance to get in touch with me. I’ll probably make it multi tier for those who want bigger or smaller cameos depending on their situation. Major characters in the next Chapter are Jim, Josie, Lana, Manila, Sarina, Jessi, Darren, and more. It’s going to be a very detailed and story laden chapter, there will be some very sexy moments, with content at the store, the mall, and the school. It’ll likely run for quite a while as there is A LOT to tell. Hope to hear from some of you who I had a blast including in the “Bunny vs. Jock” chapter. I can promise we’ll all have a lot of fun.. some A LOOOOT more than others.. but yeah 😛 ”


I look forward to telling you more about it as time permits!

Until then,
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